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In addition to the work I do for my clients, I blog here on my site and am a regular contributor at several publications both in print and on the web.

Dog Training Blog |

Continuing education is SO important — I evangelize that in my day job, as a marketing manager, and spend my free time furthering the cause when it comes to my hobby: dog training!

I run Dog Trainer Games, where we share a new game each week for dog trainers to use in their classes.

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Content Marketing Blog |

On my blog I reveal how to create real content that will help grow a business and share other things I’m working on at the office and, occasionally, in my life.

Why? Because so many businesses today know they need to have a blog, have a newsletter and be using content marketing for their businesses — but they just aren’t sure how to go about it. Or they’ve done all that, but they’ve seen no results.

That’s because despite how much content marketers create, they tend to keep their biggest and best secrets close to heart…on my site, I’m pulling back the curtain.

3 Posts I’m Proud Of:

Pet Business Magazine |

I’m a contributing editor at Pet Business Magazine, where I contribute both as the cat columnist and a feature writer.

Pet Business Magazine is a print publication dedicated to helping pet retailers improve their profits. It focuses primarily on independent pet stores (mom & pops). I used to work full time at Pet Business as an editor before going out on my own.

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