15 Awesome Marketing & Copywriting Resources

Nothing is more important in the marketing industry today than continuing to learn about the latest best practices, research, and new ideas.

I recently compiled a list of awesome resources for doing just that for one of the members of my marketing team — and realized it’d also be great to share it more broadly.

So whether you’re looking for copywriting how-to posts or the latest marketing trends, one of the sites in the list below is sure to have what you need.

The Must Haves

These first three I actually ask interviewees about… if someone mentions one of these, they immediately get moved up on my candidates list. 
Copyblogger.com – My go-to resource, copyblogger is where I first fell in love with copywriting and blogging. I’ve followed them for years and, despite their recent shifts in business strategy, they’re still one of my favorite resources.
Boostblogtraffic.com – BBT is run by Jon Morrow, who is an amazingly good writer and editor and whose posts are truly top-notch. The posts are less frequent than some of the other sites (and you can opt to subscribe via email instead of by feed), but they are always intense, in-depth pieces with serious insight into one topic or another.
Social Triggers – Run by marketing man Derek Halpern (who is definitely an in-your-face type of guy), the site is chock full of great advice, with a business slant. His writing is extremely engaging. I highly recommend the site (though much of the content is in video format, so be prepared to plug in your headphones).

 The Thought Leaders

These next few consistently produce thought-leading content that I’ve found helps keep me on trend and ahead of the content-hungry marketing curve.

Buffer’s blog – Even scanning this i got sucked into an article; Buffer really is the go-to source for all marketing related to social media.
HarrisonAmy.com – Amy is a fantastic copywriter with a bit of a humor gene so her articles are always not just informative but also entertaining. She’s one of my all time favorite sites to follow.
Hubspot’s Marketing Blog – Hubspot is the leader of inbound… and it shows. Good stuff here, but they produce WAY to much to read everything, so they’re a site where i skim headlines.
Content Marketing Institute – This site follows larger trends in the industry; they seek to talk to brand-side marketers, so its more targeted than some of the other sites i’ve mentioned here. In addition to their website, they produce the This Old Marketing podcast, which I listen religiously.

The Subject Matter Authorities

When I’m looking for something on a specific topic, I often reference these sites. They’re a bit more niche, and a bit less of the stuff I focus on day-to-day these days, but their content is always on point.
SteveSlaunwhite.com – he doesn’t post often, but what he does post is really high quality. He talks about copywriting primarily, including using it differently in for different types of documents.

Kissmetrics.com – Kissmetrics is a SEO and analytics platform, but they go in-depth on marketing and analytics and always have fantastic, in-depth articles. I only read a small percentage of them, but those I do read are always incredible.

MarketingProfs.com – Marketing profs has some great articles but they’re behind a “login” so you need to create a account to get their content. Still, it’s high quality and on very relevant topics — and they’re often the first place I hear about new research.
Exact Target’s blog – Though it’s not longer being updated, there are some good resources here if you’re looking for something on a specific topic!
The Center for Sales Strategy – this site occasionally addresses marketing topics, slanted for the sales team. It’s a good site to check and monitor headlines on.
Heidi Cohen – Her posts are good, but but her headlines are fantastic. When I’m stuck trying to come up with a headline, I’ll frequently scan her site for inspiration.

The Newbies

While I’ve been following most of these sites for years (seriously), these last two have made it onto my radar more recently, but so far I’m impressed… at least, impressed enough to share them here.

Inbound.org – This is more of a social media platform but just for marketers; it’s owned by Hubspot and it’s a pretty good place to go to talk to others in the field and get resources.
Tony Paille – Tony is a personal friend and expert in content marketing — he recently started blogging and so far, the stuff is superb.
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